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Take a quick peak at some of the stories that have been written about Llama Meadows Farm.

Living the Hippie Dream

Betty Demers and Marty Jablonski are living the life they dreamed of when they were young and first met at a vegetarian restaurant in Hamtramck. They now live in Benzonia, a small town in Benzie County, and are at the heart of a small hippie culture that has thrived for decades.

“Years ago we learned the secret of positive thinking. What you think about is what you can manifest. We had dreams of a solar home and an organic farm. And 30 years later, here we are!” Jablonski said.

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A Woman’s Touch: Wedding Photographer Chandra Demers Seeks Informal Elegance

Chandra Demers works hard to be that someone for area couples as owner of Hitching Post Photography and co-owner of Leelanau Weddings, Inc. A lifelong photographer who started with family pictures when she got her first camera at 11, Demers prides herself on finding those once-in-a-lifetime moments that capture human emotion and feelings.  

“I’m definitely more of the journalistic style of photography, not just the typical posed shots. I try to find a different angle while still preserving the wedding traditions,” Demers said. “I might lie on the ground, or stand on top of something. I’ve climbed on roofs. In trees – I’ve balanced myself on all kinds of things to get the right shot.” 

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Lighting up a Village

Can you picture the holidays with-out twinkling lights gracing the streets of your town? Well, Benzonia hasn’t had that treat for quite awhile. But thanks to the efforts of Marley Demers-Jablonski last year, the village of Benzonia put up holiday decorations for the first time in 20 years. 

“I noticed a few years ago that all the other towns around had decorations, and Benzonia didn’t,” he explained. “It was very boring except for the big tree lit up in the park, so I started researching to see what was available.”

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